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My Amazon order got here this afternoon...I'm already Price'd up as of this morning, but now I can watch it again in shiny, shiny remastered quality whenever I want...probably without the picture getting all weird and squished, even!

I also got myself the anniversary Blu-Ray of Evita, because I've been on an Evita-kick lately and the price was low enough to be more worthwhile than spending hours trying to install software to get the ancient DVD to play properly, and Ladyhawke on Blu-Ray because I love it dearly and they finally released it legally in a language other than Italian.

Naturally, I've spent the past two hours installing updates to get that to play properly. C'est la vie.

Wrestling with technology is usually three parts crossed fingers and muttered obscenities and one part triumphantly shouting "I AM MASTER OF MY OWN DESTINY," and this time was no exception. But as of the moment, I've got a cooperative laptop and a box of pretty new things to watch. The picture on the Blu-Ray version of Evita is beautiful! The sound on the U.N.C.L.E. DVDs (at least as far as the menu screen) is wonderful! The picture and sound on Ladyhawke are...about what you'd expect from an '80s fantasy movie, but it's not in Italian!

I'm celebrating with tea with whiskey and the Puppy Bowl, because sports are for other people.

Oh my gosh look at that Shar-Pei puppy and his little mooshy-smooshy face oh my gosh his name is WRINKLES oh that's so cute I'm gonna die.
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