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Really, 2016? I'm still depressed about Bowie, then Alan Rickman not a week later, and now we're down an Eagle. That's no way to start a new year.

Also, this is no way to break that kind of news: if you are being decent enough to give someone a ride to work, and that someone has already been vocally upset over the loss of the Goblin King, and friggin' "Space Oddity" is playing, and there are no smiles to be had in the vehicle, do not turn to them and say, "oh, Professor Snape died this morning" just as you pull up to the office. Some of us need more than ten seconds to rearrange our expressions into something work-appropriate.

2015 was...busy. The new job takes up more time than the old job, but comes with things like insurance and sick time and paid holidays off, so I'm disinclined to complain too too much, even if we're routinely stiffed on overtime. Work aside, I did more things this year...prior to this year, I could count the number of concerts I've been to on two fingers (the Monkees and Dethklok, in that order). In February, I saw Jukebox the Ghost with Gautam, and recommend everyone trudge through the snow to see a power pop band in a converted church at least once. In May, Pirate and I saw the new Night Vale show, which isn't a concert but isn't really anything else in particular, either ("live podcast" never seems to cover it adequately), and it wasn't quite as good as the last one story-wise but was still wildly entertaining. Our seats were awesome, and actually seeing Cecil is always a trip, and looking at Mara Wilson and remembering she was Matilda is just weird. Went to the Imagine Dragons concert with Gautam in June and it was amaaaaaaaziiiiing. They're so enthusiastic, and seem so utterly delighted that people actually came out to hear them perform, and the energy in the place was fantastic, and hearing the gasping part of "Radioactive" done by 9,000+ people is kind of totally hilarious. Bonus: the man smiling while I geeked out over a display of Tim Cantor's artwork turned out to be Tim Cantor. He signed my ticket and posed for a picture with me, and I made no intelligent noises for the next twenty minutes or so. Near the end of June Gautam scored free tickets to an outdoor Blues Traveler concert from someone who scored free tickets to an outdoor Blues Traveler concert and couldn't go. It was hot and sticky and mostly a blur of weed smoke and harmonica music, but lots of fun. Note: it turns out that I have no tolerance to secondhand weed smoke.

Last month Gautam flew me out to Chicago for my birthday. The whole trip was chronicled in photos that I've been too busy/tired/lazy to upload anywhere, but chances are that if you've talked to me at all since then you've seen some of them. There was a lot of drinking, and a four-hour wait in the cold, cold wind to get into a Star Wars-themed bar to drink blue milk and watch a bunch of guys dressed as the cantina band and one girl dressed as an Ewok play jazz remixes of the soundtrack. I hugged a Wookiee. There was deep-dish pizza and gourmet hot chocolate and more drinking, and a trip to a book store that looked like the forgotten child of Half-Price Book and an unfinished seaside manor, abandoned and raised by Hogwarts. On the plane ride home I sat next to a guy who totally wasn't Brian Posehn, but could've been if you squinted right.

The Christmas season involved laryngitis (AGAIN) and the flu, but this time around I have a boss decent enough to send me home when I look and sound like I'm dying.

I'm still working on stories and mixes that end up taking much, much longer to finish than I planned. I'm still hoping to actually finish some of them.

And, as happens every couple of months, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of updating this thing.


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